About us

Infostock is a Single Stock Financial Research for Indian Investors, covering financial and business information on selected stocks trading on The National Stock Exchange of India (Nifty). The research is accessible online to subscribers under annual subscription plan. Infostock is suitable to all kinds of Investors (except Day Traders) whether new or well experienced on the subject, plan to make single or regular investments, interested in short-term or long-term investment plans hence it is being enjoyed by the Indian Investors not only residing in India but also working abroad and want to support Indian Economy as well as make good profit from it.

Our Vision:

We believe that India is the only country that has great potential to become the most gainful country for the world Investors. Young Indian talent in the country has shown great interest and achieved new heights in different industrial and service sectors. We are now capable to participate in the development of world economy. Our small savings can play a great role to develop our nation once we update our knowledge on the stock market investment and provide enough fund support to our Business Community.

Our Mission:

As you know, stock market investment is the best and easiest solo-business for anybody where one can make profit in multiples but only when investment is made on the basis of good research. We have interest to provide valuable information in processed and easy to understand form to our subscribers so that more and more Indian Investors take interest in the development of our nation and enjoy good gain at the ease.

Our Clients:

Infostock is being enjoyed by several Indian Investors residing in many parts of the world just because of its simplicity, uniqueness and quality research. Indian Investors gain from our paid services as well as free information available on our blog.

“Investment in knowledge always pays interest”.


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