Friday, July 15, 2016

Find an easy way to stock market investment

"Information is important only when we know the formula to process it."

Infostock Equity Reports is helpful to Indian Investors to find good stocks at the right time because we believe that information is important only when we know the formula to process it. Here below is the performance table of our previous equity reports. Please browse our blog and login to Free Trial.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

How to make money in the Indian stock market?

How to make money in the Indian stock market?

People ask this question to themselves as well as to others and get different types of answers.

The Investment advisors suggest them different types of plans such as SIP method, Long Term Investment Plans, Daily Trading Strategy, Mutual Funds etc. The need of each investor is different so is the decision.

There are only two ways to enter into stock market. First one asks you to become self dependent, learn the subject, do the research and take your own decision but this is not easy. You need much time, good knowledge, strategy and planning. The second one asks you to read others research or equity reports, observe their performance and pay subscription fee and become the paid subscriber. This is easy way because here you invest your money as per your choice with less investment of time.

In both methods you must make some rules and stick to them.

Stock Market Investment is similar to driving a car on the road, the more fast you want to go, the more chance you would go out of control and on the other hand if you decide to drive slow, you are in control and safer side but it would take much time to reach your destination or goal.

So it is up to you how you want to take up your stock market investment business.

Here is an equity report for Indian Investors. Please visit the blog regularly to update your knowledge and leave your comments.

Performance of Infostock Equity Reports 13th July 2016


Monday, July 04, 2016

Few good stocks covered under Infostock Equity Reports in 2013

  • Infostock 13.05.2013 - KRBL Ltd.
Market Price Rs. 24, Achieved Gain% 1142.00, Gain Rs. 274.15
  • Infostock 14.05.2013 - DCW Ltd.
Market Price Rs. 15.35, Achieved Gain% 124.00, Gain Rs. 19.05
  • Infostock 21.05.2013 - Essel Propack Ltd.
Market Price Rs. 39.70, Achieved Gain% 439.00, Gain Rs. 174.30
  • Infostock 16.07.2013 - Dhunseri Petrochem & Tea Ltd.
Market Price Rs. 93.60, Achieved Gain% 360.00, Gain Rs. 337.40
  • Infostock 19.07.2013 - Infinite Computer Solutions (India) Ltd.
Market Price Rs. 87.40, Achieved Gain% 269.00, Gain Rs. 235.30
  • Infostock 07.08.2013 - Vardhman Textiles Ltd.
Market Price Rs. 290.00, Achieved Gain% 254.00, Gain Rs. 738.50

Performance of Previous Infostock Equity Reports Update 4th July, 2016

Things to do before you invest in a stock

Things to do before you invest in a stock

1) Check Net Profit: Compare Annual Net Profit of company for current year and last year.

2) Check EPS: EPS of a stock tells you the capacity of earning of a stock, so the more EPS makes the stock capable to rise.

3) Check Traded Volume: Investors buy and sell stocks on daily basis. The higher volume of a stock confirms interest of large investors.

4) Check Reserve Capital: Good companies always maintain increasing large Reserve Capital.

5) Check  Growth of Stock Price: It is impossible for any stock to rise on daily basis however good company it may be. Price of any stock rises and falls based on demand and supply of money in the market. Over a period of time the growth can be seen in the price of stock of good companies.