Thursday, June 09, 2016

Performance of Previous Infostock Equity Reports Update 9th June 2016

SBI Securities Customer Care Number

Wish to trade or need to speak to us? Please call us on the below mentioned
Customer Care numbers1800-209-9345 (Calling from Private Telecom Operator’s Numbers)
1800-22-3345 (Calling from MTNL/BSNL Numbers)
022-61536900 (Calling from outside of India)
Timings:8:30 AM to 6:30 PM ( All Trading Days )
9:30 AM to 2:30 PM ( Saturdays )
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Email id-
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Registered Office :-SBICAP Securities Limited 191, Maker Tower 'F' Wing Cuffe Parade, Mumbai - 400 005.
Contact Number: 022 - 30273300
Head OfficeSBICAP Securities Limited, A & B Wing, Marathon Futurex, 12th Floor, N.M. Joshi Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai - 400013.
Contact Number: 022 - 42273300/3301
Correspondence OfficeSBICAP Securities Limited, A & B Wing, Marathon Futurex, 12th Floor, N.M. Joshi Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai - 400013.

Saturday, June 04, 2016

5 Common Mistakes of Investors

5 Common Mistakes of Investors

  1. Confusion: Many times an investor has information/tips/advice about few good stocks for buy. He gets confused which one to buy. Somehow he decides and buys one of them but in a day or two the stock price comes down 2-3% without any reason. Here the investor gets confused about fall. He sells it and buys another one from his list. Now the price of first stock starts rising and the second one he bought starts falling down. He again gets confused.
  2. Eagerness: It is seen that as soon as an investor comes to know about a good stock, he becomes impatient to buy it without checking its facts and figures properly. When the price of stock moves in opposite direction of his desire, he surprises and checks the facts and comes to know that information he had about the stock was not up-to date.
  3. Overconfidence: The day an investor comes to know about good financial result of a stock, the same day of next day he buys it on margin money for more than the cash he had. The price of stock either does not show growth or falls down 1-2% and the investor makes loss on the day. Later he finds out that the financial results are good but the stock was already trading at a high price therefore even the good financial results are not enough to boost the price of stock in the market.
  4. Impatience: An investor buys a good stock and even the stock price achieves a reasonable gain in short time but for few days the stock moves in a price range and he sells it. Later he finds that the price of stock again rose up in the market and reached at a very high price in few weeks. He finds himself unlucky.
  5. Over Watch: An investor buys a good stock and keeps watch on the stock price on hourly basis. He is confident that the stock is very good and will definitely rise in the market very soon. This hourly watch makes him tired in few days because the whole market also has a trend, one day bullish and another day bearish that affects even good stocks. In this condition he sells the stock at a low profit, without making any profit or even with little loss.
Unless an investor improves his knowledge and habits, it is always going to be difficult to make profit from stock market. So work on above points and improve your profitability in stock market.

HDFC securities customer care number

State Customer Care No
Andaman and Nicobar Islands 0484-39019400
Andhra Pradesh 040-39019400
Arunachal Pradesh 0353-39019400
Assam 0353-39019400
Bihar 0612-39019400
Chandigarh 0172-39019400
Chhattisgarh 0612-39019400
Dadra and Nagar Haveli 079-39019400
Daman and Diu 079-39019400
Delhi 011-39019400
Goa 020-39019400
Gujarat 079-39019400
Guwahati 0361-39019400
Haryana 0172-39019400
Himachal Pradesh 0172-39019400
Jammu and Kashmir 0172-39019400
Jharkhand 0612-39019400
Karnataka** 080-39019400
Kerala 0484-39019400
Lakshadweep 0484-39019400
Madhya Pradesh 0612-39019400
Maharashtra 022-39019400
Manipur 0361-39019400
Meghalaya 0361-39019400
Mizoram 0361-39019400
Nagaland 0361-39019400
Orissa 0674-39019400
Puducherry 044-39019400
Punjab 0172-39019400
Rajasthan 0141-39019400
Sikkim 0361-39019400
Tamil Nadu 044-39019400
Tripura 0361-39019400
Uttarakhand 0172-39019400
Uttar Pradesh 0522-39019400
West Bengal 033-39019400
*You can reach us - from Monday to Saturday from 9.00 a.m to 11.00 p.m. 

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